The 2024 Ugly Disco Bash is the 18th annual of what has become the swing-in-est bash this side of Hawaii-Five-Oh. Set to the LIVE (not Memorex!) tunes of  Fever: The Wrath of Polyester,  The Skycoasters, Uptown Groove & DJ Dan Fisher spinning the top radio hits of the late 70’s for everyone! This groovin’ party of the year celebrates the decade famous for ABBA, 8-Track Tapes, Lava Lamps, Afros, Leisure Suits, Polyester, Streaking, Mood Rings, Billy Beer, Saturday Night Fever and Pong. But we party not just because – but for a cause. *You must be 21 or older, with proper ID, to attend the Ugly Disco.

Please be responsible, don’t drink and drive.

People have been asking us “Why do you do this?” Our answer … “We do it for the Kids!” We are a 100% non-profit.  Nobody on the board, committee or volunteering for the event takes a dime.  We take all proceeds, year after year and donate to local charities; primarily The Golisano Children’s Hospital.  If you want to be a part of our event – please send an email to us and get involved!