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    The Disco Committee

    tim-300x225-copy The most mild mannered of the group Tim is more of a behind the scenes kind of a guy and is the Disco’s go to guy for “Bus Maintenance”. Tims expertise came from his time as a stunt car driver on Smokey and the Bandit where he befriended Disco Member Frank Geier. When Tim isn’t dancing the night away he is practicing his Twister skills. Tim is part of a movement to get Twister added as an Olympic event. His dream is to get the first gold medal in Twister.

    alanwood.thumbnail Alan burst onto the scene in 1976 while collaborating with Simon and Garfunkel in co-writing “50 ways to leave your lover”. Later attempts proved that he was not just a one hit wonder while ironically hitting again in a collaboration with Peaches and Herb titled “Reunited”. His connections in Hollywood landed him the role of the Scarecrow in the Wiz where he met co-creator of the Ugly Disco, Mike Donoghue. It would be years before they collaborated to start the disco but in the meantime Alan made ends meet by working as a Ziggy Stardust impersonator. Alan now makes his living as a Real Estate Broker and is easily recognized by his clever slogan “Got Wood?” Inside sources believe the slogan is a reference to a costume malfunction while playing the part of Stardust.

    Disco-Chris-150x150Chris has been with the Disco committee for over two decades now and he continues to dance the night away! Growing up in Fairport as a young boy he honed his musical talent at “Band Camp”.  His adventures were inspiration for a portion of the plotline in American Pie. His love of music drew him to the AV department in school which again served as comedic fodder for the movie “Revenge of the Nerds”, it is believed the character Booger is based on Chris’ real life. Being the subject matter of low budget films and expert in AV Chris took his BA in Education from Geneseo to Hollywood where he got his foot in the door as a fluffer on low budget adult films. Knowing the transition from adult to mainstream media was nearly impossible he abandoned his dream to be a boom operator and returned to Rochester and acquired The Stereo Shop which he expanded to a second store in the early 2000’s. It is believed that his motivation came from Vince Vaughns character, Bernard Campbell in the movie Old School. This movie not only motivated him in business but drove him to enter a fraternity. Lacking any of the social skills to join any reputable group he reluctantly joined the Disco where he is become a valuable member of the team. If your stereo is weak then call The Geek!

    Hailing from Somewhere NY and going by the nickname “Teri-fic!”. Terry started her show biz career as an exotic dancer, billed as “Terry Bradshaw” her career was “short” lived. Unlike many members of the adult entertainment community she made the transition to mainstream in the made for TV movie the “Strip-Tease”. Terry played the part of the hot dancing girl….but the role left her typecast. As often happens life imitates art and Terry spends her free time dancing up a storm in the metal cages made by Ugly Disco member John Cook.

    frankgeier.thumbnail Like many of the members Frank has been successful in both music and screen. First with a successful solo song you may have heard called “Kung Foo Fighting”. Frank was unable to duplicate his musical success and turned to movies to quench his creative thirst. Frank wrote and directed Smokey and the Bandit which was the second highest grossing film of 1977, coming in second to Star Wars. When asked about the inspiration for the movie Frank hinted that it may be based on a true story but details are vague at best. His next move was to the small screen where he was a creative consultant for “The Dukes of Hazard”. In addition to creative consultant he had a small reoccurring role as Cooter Davenport. Frank returned to Rochester to start a family and has been spotted at Daisy Dukes dressed in “Cooter Davenport” wardrobe. While a connection to Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke) has never been made many sources close to her believe that he broke off a long courtship after discovering her with James Best (Roscoe P Coltrane).

    johncook.thumbnail After a reoccurring role on The Partridge Family producers decided there was room for only one heartthrob and cut john in favor of Danny Bonaduce. It was widely rummorred that the departure of Cook was a result of love triangle between Shirley Jones (Shirley Partridge) and Dave Madden (Reuben Kincaid). John returned from Hollywood to Rochester NY where he divides his time between various charity causes and cougar hunting. He and Danny remain close to this day.

    Alan Lagonegro, aka “Lil Al”, is a mysterious figure with rumored ties to showbiz, though his alleged stint on Saturday Night Live as Father Guido Sarducci remains unconfirmed. Despite the speculation, he’s known for his active role in fundraising benefitting numerous charities in Rochester, notably with the Ten Ugly Men, and now as one of the members of the Ugly Disco. Lil Al is a graduate of RIT’s College of Science where he met his wife, Zina. They were married shortly after graduation, and are the proud parents of twins who are currently attending RIT.